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Soul In Motion (The UK’s No 1 Soul & Motown Show)

One of the highlights of Detroit was the success of motown records in the 1960s, In the 50s the label was originally known as tamla records, But the man responsible for the motown label was,

Auto plant worker Berry Gordy jr, This label

Became home to some of the most popular recording artists in the world, However before motown it was the sounds of Detroit, but all in all soul motown and the sounds of Detroit has gone hand in hand throughout the years, it is very hard to define the motown sound When it was only a record label, We think that motown is covered by all three. It’s the sound of three four and five piece groups making music you just cant sit still you just need to get up and dance, it makes you feel good and forget your troubles, Even some of the great 70s disco hits have that motown feel and sound, with the added sound of Soul and Northern Soul we hope we can bring back that sound, we hope Soul In Motion can bring some great memories back to you, the line up father and son Ricky and Azzi front the show both with strong vocals Ricky With his deep rich tones and Azzi with the strong high range together with Andy and Luke bringing the strong harmonies, and also new member Phil Detroit bringing in an extra strong lead vocal, also in the set we pay tribute to some of the great 70s disco hits that make it hard to sit down, this is one of the most professional shows in club land, that is why in 2011the show picked up three awards two in Blackpool and one in Birmingham, This show brings with it the most up to date state of the art sound and lighting show, so that we try and bring the effect of being in the theatre. As a ticket show or just a normal night of entertainment makes it a must for your venue.